Create inviting benches

January 8, 2019

Envisioning an outdoor space where you can gather your loved ones and enjoy the summer season? We’ve got a solution for you! A bench made of concrete products in your outdoor patio made to relax with your guests all season long!

Rinox’s retaining walls offer a multitude of possibilities in creating durable and inviting benches. Discover our bench ideas for an instant upgrade to your backyard.



Use the versatile Solino wall to create a luxury bench! Want to make an impact? Place your bench in the center of your outdoor patio and make it a focal point in your backyard!

Pro tip: Match your outdoor bar with your Solino bench to create harmony in your space.


Muret Solino en Beige oka

Solino Beige Oka

Also, the Solino wall is impressive because of its reversible 2 possible faces it offers. For example, this backyard uses the smooth face Solino for the bench and the textured face for the fire pit creating a beautiful contrast.

Muret Solino en Charbon cendré pour terrasse extérieure

 Solino Ash Charcoal

Use the Solino wall to create different configurations to fit into the space you have for your outdoor patio. Make it into an L-shape, straight, or a complete square. Therefore, you can use your creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Additionally, why not add the Solino fire pit to match perfectly with your bench?

Foyer Solino en charbon cendré

Solino Ash Charcoal


Your outdoor patio living space will take a turn for the modern with the new Ora wall. Install this bench right by your pool to create the perfect end product.

Muret Ora en Beige Oka

 Ora Beige Oka


Furthermore, try a mix of different colors. The Ora wall in the Midnight Black can be beautifully paired with both the Silver White and Ash Charcoal colors.

Muret Ora en Blanc d'argent

Ora Silver White


To summarize, benches add a special touch to your outdoor patio. Use them to make your backyard increasingly inviting for the summer season. If you’re not sure you love the bench idea… that’s ok too! Check out this blog post to discover other ways to integrate the Solino wall in your backyard!