Discover 5 ways you can use the modern and versatile Solino retaining wall

July 5, 2018

Searching for an ultra modern, avant-garde product? Look no further than our Solino wall. Whether you prefer the textured finish, or a more refined smooth surface, the Solino retaining wall is perfect for any taste and style and will allow you to carry out multiple different projects.

Much more than a simple retaining wall, the Solino wall can be used to create spaces with originality and will without a doubt enhance your outdoor space.

Here are some ideas to spruce up your backyard using the Solino wall.


Amaze your guests and create a cozy yet very luxurious looking bench! Play around with both the smooth face and the textured side to create a zen and clean look.

Rinox solino retaining wall

Solino ash charcoal

Rinox solino smooth face wall

Solino smooth face ash charcoal


Create the sounds of serenity by using the Solino wall to build a waterfall. This will add the perfect touch to your outdoor space by creating a corner for relaxation.

Rinox solino waterfall

Solino ash charcoal


Energize your backyard. A great way to highlight your greenery is to create flowerboxes with the Solino retaining wall to plant anything from flowers to shrubs.

Solino Oka beige


The Solino is perfect for creating a chic and elegant outdoor space. This product is a wise choice for a kitchen or an outdoor bar to dream.

Rinox Solino retaining wall bar

Solino ash charcoal


Build a space perfect for gathering your closest friends and family. Your Solino fireplace will stand out as the focal point of your outdoor space. To make it even more spectacular, create a nook around the firepit with long benches.

Rinox firepit

Solino firepit ash charcoal

With all these unique ways to integrate the Solino wall to your backyard, you’re ready to get started! Looking for even more ideas? Check out how to add a pathway to your garden or discover our 3 favorite landscaping trends of the season!